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Mazatli Footwear

Campaign Introduction:

Help us bring back the Dual-Toe-Post Sandal of Anahuac by supporting our fundraiser campaign for equipment and materials.


Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Aug 2019


This campaign was successful! 😃
Or purchase a reward below if available!
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Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Aug 2019


Raised Percent :
This campaign was successful! 😃
Or purchase a reward below if available!
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Campaign Story

Our Story

Our story begins in Anahuac (MesoAmerica, Mexico), Mazatli Footwear is a custom-made high performance unisex athletic huarache sandal designed with the “Dual-Toe-Post” technology of the Anahuac people to offer better support and comfort.

Our company name Mazatli comes from the word “Mazatl” which means deer in the Aztec language, Nahuatl.

Over the past year I have designed and tested our Mazatli Sandals across hundreds of miles of terrain and now want to start sharing them.

My goal is to start a footwear company that focuses on creating sandals Made in East Los Angeles that let your feet work naturally and comfortably using the Dual-Toe-Post footwear of Anahuac.

I’m asking for community support to take Mazatli Footwear to the next level. In order to increase production of these custom-made Dual-Toe-Post sandals that honor the Anahuac people.

“Inspired by Aztec footwear (artifacts and codixes) from Mexico”

By backing this campaign, you will be helping an East Los Angeles entrepreneur, purchase equipment and materials, including an industrial JUKI walking-foot sewing machine that will bring these beautiful and fully functional sandals from the past into today’s world. Together we can launch Mazatli Footwear and create jobs in East Los Angeles.

“The Dual-Toe-Posts actually feel better than the single toe post, it helps distribute the toe pressure more efficient than a single toe post. The Aztecs knew this and that is why they wore Dual-Toe-Post sandals 500 years go.”

To celebrate and thank you for your support, I will be making the sandals available to the public for the first time ever. Mazatli sandals will only be available through our fundraiser campaign for the time being. You can be one of the first to wear our Mazatli Sport Huarache Sandals! I’ve also designed some limited edition Mazatli branded rewards just for this campaign.

Community Inspired

Over the last couple of years I learned a lot about my community. I learned that they really care about their history, culture and huaraches. And that’s why I decided to build this company and to make huarache sandals that reflect the culture of Anahuac and East Los Angeles.

The Mazatli Athletic Huarache Sandal was an idea that came to me 2 years ago while hiking around some trails on my single toe post sandals (single toe post/thong sandals after a while begin to hurt).

I simply wondered, “Why can’t I hike comfortably wearing my favorite sandals?” Looking for inspiration, I turned to my knowledge about the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Toltecs, the Zapotecas, the Mixteca, etc… who built entire civilizations wearing these special type of sandals.

I made my first prototype out of cardboard and that’s when I knew that this idea would work.

I then created a more functional and aesthetic design so that it fits comfortably and performs well on both trails and sidewalks. I refined the engineering a bit more and there it was, the Mazatli Athletic Huarache Sandal.

A year later I began making the Mazatli Athletic Huarache Sandals out of my garage. In the last year, I have continued to refine my business and the sandal design as part of the OmniWorks ESTEC LA Incubator at East Los Angeles College.

Design Specs


Designed after ancient huarache sandals with a modern twist. Mazatli Footwear Sandals use a functional strap system to allow for easy micro adjustments to fit, soft webbing straps, and high-tech SoleTech soles.

Our Quad Bracing System

We designed Mazatli Footwear Athletic Sandals to use a circular patent pending Quad Bracing System in a unique way that enables distinct control over both both toe posts and ankle strap tightness. This control ensures a custom and comfortable fit.

SoleTech Rubber Sole

6mm in thickness with knobby nubs for increased traction. Built from foot forming neoprene rubber composite. They begin to form to the shape of your feet after a day of wear.


Mazatli Footwear Sandals come in 7 different strap colors and we’ll be adding more in the near future! Colors:


Mazatli Footwear Sandals are custom-made to the size of your foot. If you consider your feet or toes strangely shaped in any way then our custom fit will work especially well for you.

Custom Fit

The fit of any running/hiking sandal is important. After the campaign closes we’ll email you with directions for measuring the length of each foot in centimeters. Then we will build you a pair customized to your exact foot dimensions for no added cost! The better your measurements the better your sandals will fit.

Delivery of Rewards

No need to worry about sizing or colors when you make your pledge. After the campaign closes a survey will be sent to you via email to confirm your delivery address and to obtain your color preferences and sizing information. We expect all rewards to be delivered within 3 months of the close of the campaign, but will do our best to deliver to you as soon as possible. We’re just as excited to get them to you!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to love your Mazatli products. Your feedback will help to make our sandals even better. We will work with you to resolve any sizing and fit issues.

Campaign Contributions

Name Location Date
Kathleen Minogue Boise, ID June 12, 2019
Alyssa De La Rosa Scottsdale , AZ June 14, 2019
Felix Hernandez Los Angeles, CA June 14, 2019
Maria Gurrola Whittier , CA June 14, 2019
VERONICA Raygoza Compton, CA June 15, 2019
Mercedes Barajas Tondre Los Angeles, CA June 15, 2019
Anonymous East Los Angeles, CA June 16, 2019
Samuel Castillo Costa Mesa, CA June 16, 2019
Anonymous Los Angeles, CA June 22, 2019
Jorge Luis Gurrola East Los Angeles, CA July 04, 2019
Kim Vincent Laramie, WY July 05, 2019
Raul Corral Maywood, CA July 05, 2019
Beatriz Prado Huntington Park, CA July 06, 2019
Daniel Montenegro Montebello, CA July 07, 2019
Luis Blas Stanton, CA July 07, 2019
Rosaly Ramos Commerce, CA July 08, 2019
Heinz Medina Gustine, CA July 08, 2019
David Nava San Gabriel, CA July 11, 2019
Celine Vazquez Montebello, CA July 13, 2019
Celeste Vazquez Montebello, CA July 17, 2019
Diane Sontum Laramie, WY July 17, 2019
Mason Vincent Laramie, WY July 19, 2019
Arturo Ramirez Rancho Domínguez , CA July 19, 2019
Debbie Gorski Laramie, WY July 24, 2019
Patsy Millan Los Angeles , CA July 25, 2019
Patsy Millan Los Angeles, CA July 25, 2019
Kyra Moulton COLORADO SPRINGS, CO July 25, 2019
Jacqueline Jones Long Beach, CA July 26, 2019
Miguel Leyva Los Angeles, CA July 28, 2019
Jen Risley Keene, NH July 29, 2019
Gerardo Salas Hacienda Heights, CA July 30, 2019
Margarita Clement Sherwood Forest, CA August 02, 2019
oscar mollee ALMERE, Flevoland August 04, 2019
Anonymous Whittier, CA August 06, 2019
Anonymous Monterey Park, CA August 09, 2019
David R. Morin Monterey Park, CA August 10, 2019
oscar mollee ALMERE, Flevoland August 11, 2019
Anonymous Los Angeles, CA August 12, 2019
Kelly Haigler Cornish LARAMIE, WY August 12, 2019
Elena Velarde Los Angeles, CA August 12, 2019
Herman Velarde Los Angeles, CA August 12, 2019
Christina Montalvo SOUTH GATE, CA, CA August 12, 2019
Joe Des Barres Los Angeles, CA August 12, 2019
Diego Griego Fort Collins, CO August 12, 2019
Jessica Brauer LARAMIE, WY August 14, 2019
Gerardo Erazo Chino, CA August 15, 2019
Lissette Arceo Los Angeles, CA August 15, 2019
Paul De La Cerda Monterey Park, CA August 16, 2019
Andres Aguilar MESA, AZ August 16, 2019
Misha Aziz Los Angeles, CA August 17, 2019
Gallegos Humberto Fontana, CA August 17, 2019
Brent Imai Marina Del Rey, CA August 19, 2019
Jesse Marez , CA June 13, 2019
Mercedes Tondre , CA June 13, 2019
Efrain Higareda , CA June 23, 2019
Anonymous , CA June 28, 2019
Alexandra Chantax , ca July 03, 2019
Efrain Higareda , CA July 12, 2019
Frank Higareda , July 13, 2019
Victor Gurrola , CA July 24, 2019
Anonymous , CA July 25, 2019
Chris & Julie COTTON , Australia July 26, 2019
Arturo Ramirez , CA July 28, 2019

Campaign Updates

  • 16-07-2019

    YAY! Mazatli Footwear Has Reached 30%of Goal

    Just want to say a special thank you to our early backers, a big Thank You from the bottom of my heart… You guys and ladies came through when needed the most and i am most thankful for that. Our campaign continues and i am motivated to keep pushing forward.

    Also it would be super helpful if you shared our campaign (using this link: over social media or in an email to friends of yours that would want to be a part of this fundraiser. “Let’s bring Native back to Native America” ~ @brotherbear2017

    Thank You!

  • 18-07-2019

    Ancient Sandal Found In Utah featuring Dual-Toe-Post

    Plain weave sandal featuring dual-toe-posts, AD 900–1100 Twisted yucca fibers was found in the Utah area in 1911 by the University of Arizona.

    Such fact is interesting because it supports the theory that the Aztecs originated in the four corners area of the American Southwest. The Aztec language Nahuatl belongs to the Ute-Aztecan family of languages which also include the Comanche, Shoshone and the Ute people (also known as Hopi). Shoshone itself, which is spoken as far north as Salmon, Idaho.

  • 23-07-2019

    How, Y’all doing? Mazatli Footwear Has Reached 37% of Goal

    Muchas Gracias to all our backers… So far we have raised $1,600 dollars!!! And we got some latest developments!!!

    Like a brand-new label embossing machine for branding the sole of each and everyone of our Mazatli Sandals. We’ve also acquired a brand-new polishing/finishing bench sander. The latest Mazatli Sandals are gonna feel and look even more tight.

    But we are far from done with 2 more weeks to go and even more exciting developments. We need your help, it would be super helpful if you shared our campaign (using this link: or over social media or in an email to friends of yours that would want to be a part of this campaign. Let’s spread da word, it’s time to celebrate the accomplishments of the Aztecs!

  • 25-07-2019

    Woohoo!!! We have reached $3,360 – 72% of goal!!!

    Muchos props to our backers and anonymous backers for making this a reality. 3 more weeks and the sandals will be on their way… Mazatli sandals will only be available through our fundraiser campaign for the time being. Don’t miss on the opportunity to get your pair of Mazatli’s at this early stage price point.

    Thank You everybody for joining our campaign and if you can please share our campaign at over social media to friends of yours that would be super helpful.

  • 30-07-2019

    We Got This!!!

    When we first began our journey the horizon was unclear… but through perseverance we are almost there… let’s bring back the Dual-Toe-Post Sandal of Anahuac!!! Thank you soo much to all our backers, without you this would be impossible…

    Also it would be super helpful if you shared our campaign (using this link: or ) over social media or in an email to friends of yours that would want to be a part of this fundraiser.

    Thank You!

  • 07-08-2019

    $4,020 Raised So Far!!!

    Just want to say thank you too all our backers! You rock!!! Just one more week to go in our campaign!!!

    I can’t wait to get started making Mazatli’s… 🙂


  • 11-08-2019

    YIPPEE! Almost There!

    Yippee!!! We have reached $4,200 – 93% of goal!!! With 5 more days to go!!! Proof of Concept (Check), Market Validation (Check)… It’s a go sir, let’s launch Mazatli 🙂

    Let’s spread da word… super helpful if you can share our campaign (using this link: or ) over social media or in an email to friends of yours that would want to be a part of Mazatli.

    Thank You!

  • 13-08-2019

    We Dit It!!! We Did It!!! We’ve Reach 100%+ of Goal!!!

    We have reached $4,675 – 104% of goal with 56 backers!!! With 3 more days to go!!! We did it!!! Thank you to all my wonderful backers we did it!!!

    But let’s keep pushing… we on a roll… Shoe lasts? R&D for Baby Mazatli’s? More machines… let’s share this campaign near and far… Mazatli
    Footwear is on a mission, bring back the Dual-Toe-Posts of Anahuac… you can share our campaign (using this link: or ) over social media or in an email to friends of yours that would want to be a part of Mazatli.

    thank you

  • 16-08-2019

    Campaign Extended Thru Sunday!

    Wanting to make everyone could have their final chance to get those 1st Edition Mazatli’s before anyone else!

    Share our campaign (using this link: or ) over social media or in an email to friends of yours that would want to be a part of Mazatli.

  • 19-08-2019

    Mazatli Footwear fundraiser reaches $5,335!!! Exceeding our goal!!!

    It all began with a dream… a what if moment… and a why not… Mazatli Footwear was born… i had no proof of concept or market validation nor money… but 64 backers later!!!! i asked the community and the community responded… “Bring Back the Dual-Toe-Post Sandal of Anahuac”

    Really i thank each and everyone of you for believing in me and helping me along the way… your contributions really meant alot… i promise i wont let you down…

    in the next 2 weeks i will be reaching to each individual backer for color and sizing info… 

  • 23-08-2019

    Good morning to all our wonderful Mazatli Backers…

    Good morning to all our wonderful Mazatli Backers… just wanted to give an update, we are in the process of acquiring a Dematron Bartacker 430DL and its almost here just some logistics to figure out…but its almost here. In the meanwhile we will begin next week contacting all our backers. Have a wonderful weekend.

  • 06-09-2019

    Bartacking Machine Is On Its Way

    Just wanted to give an update, putting a purchasing order for industrial machines is quite a process, selection, preparation, shipping, customization for use… but its on its way… the Dematron Bartacking machine is on its way. Thank you for your patience as we begin the fulfillment phase of our campaign.

  • 14-09-2019

    Good News!!! We Have Shipping Confirmation

    Who said ordering Industrial Machines is easy as pie :)… learned soo much, logistics, factory preparation and delivery insurance is all needed before they can ship…

    Buts its all done, delivery is expected on Wednesday 09/18/2019!!! To all my my backers i just want to say thank you for all your patience. The wheels are moving, material procurement has been established with suppliers, stickers are also expected to be delivered by end of week, keychains fabrication begins this monday and i’ll be picking up tshirts this friday. A survey of rewards will be sent this wednesday to every backer. Things are moving, thank you backers, lets get the Mazatlis out there!!!

  • 17-10-2019

    Mazatli Sticker Packs Have Shipped!

    just want to say thank you to my Mazatli Backers… things are moving… Tshirts should be ready tomorrow and ready for shipping next week… Sandal fullfillment survey to begin next week Monday… Stay Tune…


  • 24-10-2019

    Mazatli Sport Sandal Reward Fullfillment

    Dear Mazatli Backers,

    thank you soo much for your support… it hasn’t been easy but looks like we are ready to start producing… thank you for your patience…

    first i want to share some instructions on how to measure your foot for a custom fit.

    in order to get the proper fit for your Mazatli Sport Sandal i need two things

    • your regular shoe size (in my case male 9.5USA)
    • secondly, if you can trace your right foot using the instructions provided on the template, it will give a better idea on your exact measurements for a custom fit (optional, but would really help, take a picture and email it back to me)

    and that’s it…

    if you can reach back to me the sooner i can start on your sandal but rest assure i will reach out to you individually to get your measurements and color choice

    once again thank you soo much…

  • 21-11-2019

    Mazatli Update

    Just want to share some good news, i was able to secure some new capital for material procurements and we have identified a new supplier and the order is in. We have started the rewards fullfillment and will continue to mail out tshirt orders tomorrow morning. Thank you for sticking with me. I will try and make it right as soon as possible.

  • 30-01-2020

    just want to say sorry for the lack of communication

    Mazatli Backers,

    just want to say sorry for the lack of communication just been really busy with some hurdles that got crossed in my path but nevertheless Mazatli keeps pushing forward.

    Original capital partner never came to fruition and i underestimated the intricacy of a foot’s geometry. Since then i have a taken a second job to help me keep Mazatli moving forward and i have looked into acquiring a set of foot lasts to help solve the unique geometry of a foot.

    Will be picking up t shirts this Friday for delivery.

    Rest assure i am committed to fulfilling every order and i thank you for your support.

    Some orders are already in production. 🙂

  • 04-12-2020

    Mazatli Footwear Update


    Finally at a point where i can deliver a quality good… sorry for the delay but i underestimated what production means… plus covid and other issues took a huge toll on us. My thoughts and prayers to anybody affected by this terrible situation, things do get better so we are strong to push forward.

    Some rewards have already been fulfilled and i am currently in fulfillment mode.

    I thank you all for your support, so far the progress on the sandals are nice.

    I invite you to follow along our progress through our instragram account


    I’ll be reaching out individually to remaining backers, thank you soo much…

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The Mazatli Custom Experience

Watch your sandals get made! Come to the Mazatli workshop and work with Jorge to create your fully customized Mazatli Footwear Sandals (Anahuac Sport Huarache Sandals), followed with lunch or dinner at East L.A.'s El Gallo Grill... plus T-Shirt, Stainless Steel Caribiner Keychain, stickers and your name up on Instagram.

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