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Confetti Fiesta

Campaign Introduction:

Confetti Fiesta is a Latina-owned business based in East Los Angeles that creates unique handmade party decorations


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Funding Goal

Dec 2019


This campaign is not currently active.
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Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Dec 2019


Raised Percent :
This campaign is not currently active.
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Campaign Story

What is Confetti Fiesta?

Confetti Fiesta was born out of the desire to create experiences that make others happy and to create items inspired by my culture. Confetti Fiesta is a Latina-owned business based in East Los Angeles that creates unique handmade party decorations that positively represent the Latinx culture and create a sense of community at any time of the year.

2013-When I was cutting everything by hand, I wouldn’t get my cutting machine for another 2 years

How the Fiesta Began

Since I can remember I’ve always gone above and beyond to decorate parties. My mom and I would come up with these really big over the top ideas to make the party extra special. It’s the little details that help turn your event from a party to an experience. Before I had my cutting machine I would cut and draw everything by hand. It was difficult but it was a labor of love. With the equipment and better skills I’ve been able to design and create items that I wouldn’t have thought possible.

I had always wanted to start a business creating party items. So after getting my hours cut at my day job I decided to take the risk and start Confetti Fiesta. It took me forever to come up with my business name and even longer to draw up my logo. I wanted everything to be perfect.

I turned my passion into a hobby and then into a business.

Growing Into a Business

While in this process I have had the fortunate opportunity to be working with ESTEC LA Incubator – powered by OmniWorks. This program was designed to help jump start entrepreneurship for women, people of color, LGBTQ, and veterans and support local community economic growth, specifically in East LA. For the past year they have been helping me gain new skills, resources, and mentorship.

Now I am ready to put these skills to use but I need your help! For the past 2 years I have been selling my handmade designs and products on Etsy and at lots of pop-ups and art events. With your support I will be able to take Confetti Fiesta to the next level and turn it into a thriving business by purchasing new equipment and expanding my business and marketing capacity. To thank you for your support, I have created a collection of exclusive rewards for this campaign.


Community Inspired

Being a vendor in the Latino community, I’ve been able to see peoples’ reactions when they see my products. They are surprised to see that someone has created party items that remind them of their childhood.

With this political climate, it’s easy to get discouraged and hide our Culture but being a local entrepreneur I’ve seen first hand that despite all the heartache, the community is resilient. Now more than ever it’s important to embrace our culture and keep the Latinx heritage alive.

There is too much color, history, love and pride to hide our culture. Confetti Fiesta is about celebrating the culture. It’s about creating magic by taking everyday items and turning them into a celebration.

Delivery of Rewards

After the campaign closes a survey will be sent to you to confirm your delivery address and to obtain any custom information. We expect all rewards to be delivered within 3 months of the close of the campaign, but will do our best to deliver to you as soon as possible. We’re just as excited to get them to you!

Digital rewards can be delivered worldwide. We can only deliver physical rewards to addresses within the United States through this campaign. If you live outside the U.S. and are interested in Confetti Fiesta products, please contact us and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to love your Confetti Fiesta products. Your feedback will help to make our products even better.

Campaign Contributions

Name Location Date
Kathleen Minogue Boise, ID October 12, 2019
Mercedes Tondre Los Angeles, CA October 14, 2019
Brent Imai Marina Del Rey, CA October 16, 2019
Armond Aghakhanian Burbank , CA October 28, 2019
Jorge Luis Gurrola Los Angeles, CA October 29, 2019
Amy Tam LA, CA October 29, 2019
Jacqueline Jones Long Beach, CA October 30, 2019
Rachel Narr Redondo Beach, CA November 04, 2019
Isabel Magana Lakewood , CA November 05, 2019
Kelly Haigler Cornish Laramie, WY November 05, 2019
Tony Everett Lake Forest, CA November 08, 2019
Jason Arnold Laramie, WY November 08, 2019
Kim Vincent Laramie, WY November 12, 2019
Alyssa Stephens Fort Collins, CO December 05, 2019
Mercedes Tondre Los Angeles, CA December 09, 2019
Jo Anne Narvaez La Crescenta, CA December 12, 2019
Teddy Lawrence Los Angeles , CA December 13, 2019

Campaign Updates

  • 04-11-2019

    Off to a great start

    Thank you so much for your support. We reached 10% of our goal!!! Because of your support I’ve been able to sign up for more community pop ups.

  • 2-11-2019

    Its get better & better

    Last year on November 19, 2018 I attended my 1st community pop up in downtown Los Angeles. I has Such a great experience and I knew that it was something I wanted to keep doing.

    MY 1ST POP UP-I had no idea what i was doing but I loved every minute of it.

    When I started these events were no more $50 But as they grew in popularity they more expressive they became. My budget did not have room for these events until next year. Pop Ups take a lot of planning and often they announce the event and you’re payment is due in the next day or so. So even with all the planning, without the funds readily available, its very difficult to participate in them.

    These events are vital for my business growth and because of you’re support I will be doing 3 Pop Ups this Month. The Most I have ever done. I am very excited to showcase my new products and see how much my business is going to grow.

    November 2, 2019- it just get better & better

    Thank you for supporting my dream-Lissette

  • 10-12-2019

    New Reward!

    yay!! I have added a new reward to make your gifts more festive. Its the perfect way to say Feliz Navidad.

  • 16-12-2019

    Yay! We made it

    The campaign is over and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Thank you So much for your support. Because of your support ill be able to attend two community events this Friday and Saturday new supplies and a new cutting machine.

    Holiday rewards have been shipped out and I will be reaching out after the holidays to fulfill all other rewards.

    Thank you,

    Con mucho amor-Lissete

  • 26-02-2020

    It’s been a while…

    know it’s been a long time since I updated you. For that am sorry. As an entrepreneur sometime life gets in the way and other things like family come before the business. But no matter what happened I was always thinking about confetti fiesta. So am a little behind on my business and am a little overwhelmed but am still here standing.

    I wanted to let you know that I did buy a new machine. Yay!!

    Thank you for all you patience and your support, I really could not have done this with out your help.

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Thank you Postcard specially designed & suitable for framing

Estimated Delivery: January, 2021
0 backers


El Regalo

2 dozen paper gift tags in serape pattern. The best way to make your gifts festive.

0 backers


Loteria! $25 -Digital party Set

Loteria Printable party Package - including digital patterns for...

~ Card banner

~ Loteria banner

~ Cupcake toppers

~ Photo props

~ Gift tags

~ Straw flags

~ Gift box

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El Arbol

Everything you'll need to decorate your tree in a fun and festive way:

4 - Confetti ornaments

4 - Colorful yarn tassel ornaments

1 - 3ft serape stocking garland

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A 5ft Personalized Papel Picado banner with matching greeting card

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El Recuerdo

Goody Bag with Exclusive new confetti fiesta items and gifts from other small locally-owned businesses. Includes one of each item:

~ Tote Bag

~ Drink Coozie

~ Bottle Opener

~ Card

~ Christmas Ornaments

Sponsored by:

- Piece of cake by Angie

- Chic party goods

-Aicitelt Design

-Isa Crafts

-Balam Creations


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Let’s Fiesta

Fiesta Supplies for 5 including:

~ 5 Personalized treat boxes

~ Gold foil fringe backdrop

~ 5 Small photo props- nopal/cactus heart, concha heart, papel piaco, pinata, 1 personalized ,

~ 1dz heart concha toppers

~ Papel picado cake topper

~ Loteria game

~ Mini loteria confetti

~ Papel picado banner

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Feliz Navidad

A fun and festive holiday display personally crafted by Lissette showcasing all the beautiful color and uniqueness of a festive Christmas.

Let Lissette create a one-of-a-kind festive holiday set up for your personal, corporate or office space by:

~ Decorating a small 3ft artificial Christmas tree with *handmade ornaments* and *garlands*

~ Setting up a small table with *coloring pages*, *treat boxes*, *cookies* and other *Christmas goodies*.

Must provide 6ft table for set-up, but everything provided will be yours to keep. Limited to LA County.

(Please contact Lissette if you are interested but live outside LA County.)

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